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Our research into the optimization of the aerodynamic cycling position has clearly made us aware that the clothing is a determining factor in the aerodynamics of the racer. In addition, speed suits are custom made based on the individual time trial racer’s measurements.

Correct measurements make for better suits by way of flatter seams, better patterns, and correct choice of material. Thanks to this approach, we won 12 medals during the most recent Olympic Games and 8 medals during the World Championships in Valkenburg.

Discerning time trial racers and triathletes can also utilize this service.



How do we work?

In collaboration with you, we sit down and decide what your objectives are. Based on these objectives, we decide what the speedsuit will finally look like. During this session, we chose the model (time trial racing, triathlon, sprint, etc.), the fit (aerodynamic, athletic, or comfort), and the proper textile materials.

Your measurements are precisely taken by our pattern drawers and product developers. This way, you are guaranteed a tight fit with a minimum amount of folds and seams.

The suit then goes into production. In consultation with you, a delivery date is determined.

Later, you will be invited back to try on the speedsuit. When on site, the speedsuit will be further refined according to your wishes and in consultation with the product developer. That same day, you will be able to take the suit home with you after the final retouches are implemented.