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Bioracer Cold Front Body


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Winter vest made of Silver 100 fabric with Airtek membrane

Full waterproof zipper with top and bottom zipper cover

Lycra pipings

Easy back pocket access



Cold Front Body This Cold Front Body, manufactured from Silver 100 with an Airtek membrane, serves as extra protection against cold and wind. As long as one always wears this body over other items of clothing the ventilation is suitably regulated by the Airtek membrane. The Cold Front Body especially ensures that colder frontal winds are optimally blocked off. A water and wind proof zip, protected at the top and bottom, and the perfectly connecting Lycra neckline, ensures a complete seal of the front side of this body. The bottom part of the back section is manufactured from perforated mesh fabric. Two openings were provided at the loins to easily reach the back pockets. A large part of the front and back of the mainly black Cold Front Body was finished in fluorescent yellow to be as visible as possible.